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The Polish Community of Chicopee book

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The Polish Community of Chicopee book

by Stephen R. Jendrysik

Book Description:

The first group of Polish immigrants to come to Chicopee arrived in 1880. These Poles filled many of the manufacturing jobs in the city’s two large textile mills. In less than 30 years from their arrival, this aggressive, self-assured group boasted more Polish-owned businesses than any other community in New England. The Polish Community of Chicopee chronicles an immigrant population that was fiercely dedicated to the ideals of free enterprise and democratic pluralism.

Brief Author Bio: Stephen R. Jendrysik, a lifelong resident of Chicopee, taught US history at Chicopee Comprehensive High School for 40 years. He teaches a community history course at the Elms College and serves as chairman of the Chicopee Historical Commission. He has written 4 books about the City of Chicopee. Stephen R. Jendrysik is the president of the Edward Bellamy Memorial Association and a longtime member of Chicopee Historical Commission. He retired in 2003, completing a forty-year career in the Chicopee public schools.

Thank-You Mr. Jendrysik for the many years of your dedication to educating Chicopee students!

  • Published: 11/07/2005
  • Author: Stephen R. Jendrysik
  • ISBN 978-0-7385-3892-1
  • Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

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