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Sweetgrass Braids

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Sweetgrass Braids

by Native Scents of Taos, NM

These are 24" to 34" long braid

Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata)

“Purification, protection”

Sweetgrass grows along the marshy areas of the northern Rockies into Canada. Many people of North America consider Sweetgrass sacred for its ability to purify and protect. Often found in medicine bundles. After smudging with Sage, the Sweetgrass braid is held above a heat source or flame to allow a smoke plume to escape. This smoke is fanned over the person or object. Sweetgrass is most often used to start ceremonies and attract positive energies.

  • These are 24" to 34" long braid
  • The Sweetgrass is harvested in a sacred and respectful manner, and prayers are made while braiding
  • Happy Spirit Gift Shop only does business with reputable people who ensure sustainable harvesting methods.
  • Please use all sage products responsibly
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