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What is Fraktur?

The term “Fraktur” is German and means “Broken” or “fractured” which originally referred to the style of lettering used on important Pennsylvania-German documents between 1740 and 1860. When the Germans immigrated to Pennsylvania, frakrut was not only a practical way for them to record important family events, but beautiful as well. Local school teachers and ministers were among the earliest fraktur artists, using the art to teach children penmanship and to illustrate important scriptures. By the late 1800’s, the printing process moved in and soon caused the creation of hand-made frakturs to diminish. Today, the early, hand-painted and lettered frakturs are considered highly valuable and sought-after treasures.

About the Artist: Cathy Collier is a self-taught fraktur artist with a strong Pennsylvania-German heritage. In 1983, after receiving a fraktur as a wedding gift, she was inspired to learn this art, and began creating hand-painted frakturs for local craft shows.

Cathy combines her own style with traditional designs of the Pennsylvania-Germans. In each work of art is evident the love of color, symbolic design, and the reverence for God that were such an important part of their culture.

All designs are quality color prints of Cathy’s original watercolor designs. Each item comes in a mahogany finished frame with glass, history of fraktur on the back as well as a sturdy hanger.