Happy Spirit Gift Shop, LLC.
Where Happiness Awaits You!

I would like to again Thank all those who have called and sent E-mails wishing me a wonderful retirement. It is touching that you all have taken time out of your busy schedules to do so.

I would also like to Thank all those who have helped me with making my dream a reality. There are too many people to name you all individually. Just know I appreciated all you have done throughout the many years. With all of your help with, setting up and maintaining the store, proof reading my website and newsletters, organizing events, creating radio and print ads, updating the business plan throughout the years, all the behind the scene tasks, ensuring customer service was always at the highest level and being there when I needed you. My gratitude and love to you all!

Finally, I also wish to Thank all of the customers and everyone who entered as strangers and left as friends. I will surely miss you all.

May all your lives be filled with Happiness, Good Health, Peace and Love.